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Motor Catalog provides the industry's broadest line of energy-efficient electric motors and adjustable speed drives including:

Baldor DC MotorsBaldor's DC Servo provide continuous torques from 1.9 lb.-in. to 58 lb.-in. These high performance motors were designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial motion control. They have a rugged industrial housing and can be supplied with many electrical and mechanical options. These DC motors are ideal for applications such as machine tool, robotics, factory automation, packaging, laboratory, and medical equipment.

Baldor's Brushless Servo Motors provide low rotor inertia for high torque to inertia ratio in a very compact package. They are resolver based designed for durability, high temperature, and to handle harsh environments in applications. Call 1-800-810-1053 for expert assistance.

Baldor Brushless N-Series brushless servo motors are designed to provide excellent performance response. They provide a very high torque to inertia ratio in a small package. This series is designed for superior durability and quality. Call 1-800-810-1053 for expert assistance.

Baldor Brushless motors are designed to provide high torque to inertia ratio. This design includes a reliable time proven ferrite magnet for an economically sized package. Call 1-800-810-1053 for expert assistance.

Baldor Brushless C-Series brushless servo motors have a higher inertia compared to other Baldor brushless motors, with a smaller package size, thus providing an excellent match for equipment requiring higher inertial matching. Torque increases up to 50% in some models, while package size is reduced up to 2 inches/50 mm. Call 1-800-810-1053 for expert assistance.

Baldor has a complete line of subfractional permanent magnet DC motorsBaldor Gearmotors with either right angle or parallel shaft gear reduction. Right angle gearmotors are well suited for all types of conveyorized equipment, mixers, feeders, gate and door operators and many other applications. Parallel shaft gearmotors are well suited for applications such as all kinds of conveyorized equipment, food processing, printing and packaging machines. Call 1-800-810-1053 for expert assistance.

Baldor Linear SCR-rated DC motors are available from stock in permanent magnet designs through 5 horsepower. Wound field designs are stocked through 500 HP. DC motors with special features are available from stock for special applications such as washdown enclosures for food processing, metric mounting for replacement of motors built to IEC standards, permanent magnet motors with a built-in precision DC tachometer, right angle and parallel shaft gear motors, 115 and 230 volt power motors built to IEEE 45 and USCG 259 standards for shipboard use. Call 1-800-810-1053 for expert assistance.

Baldor MINTDrive integrates a powerful motion controller and a brushless AC servo into a single compact package including a power supply. The MINTDrive integrates the key functions of motion controller into a single, easy to program, standalone package. Motion control, I/O handling, serial communications, machine level networking and optional operator panel work together under the control of a MINT application program which is stored within the drive. Call 1-800-810-1053 for expert assistance.

Baldor Flex +Baldor FLEX+Drive integrates a powerful motion controller and brushless AC servo into a compact package capable of incremental positioning. Up to 15 pre-set point-to-point moves can be programmed into the drive. Moves may be incremental or absolute, as well as a return to home. By simply selecting the appropriate machine input, the pre-programmed position is selected. Call 1-800-810-1053 for expert assistance.

The FLEXDrive series is a "flexible" and versatile drive. You can tailor the FLEXDrive to your application. It can accept the standard ±10 VDC input, or pulse and direction input, or handwheel input. It can be configured with CAN-bus, with integral regen resistor and with external +24 VDC to maintain logic power. And it can also be configured manually or via autotuning. Call 1-800-810-1053 for expert assistance.

Baldor MicroFlex digital servo drive features the latest in manufacturing design housing a totally digital DSP solution to brushless AC servo control. Available in three power ratings of 3, 6 adn 9A, MicroFlex will run from single or three phase supplies from 115 to 230VAC. This makes it possible to fit one standard motion control system into machinery for international markets. Call 1-800-810-1053 for expert assistance.

Baldor's NextMove ESB is an economic stand-alone motion controller for up to 3 axes of servo and 4 axes of steppers, giving 7 axes of coordinated motion in total. Applications are programmed in Baldor's easy to use multi-tasking Mint language. Features include fast floating point processor, onboard digital and analog I/O, fieldbus compatible (CANopen), and multi-tasking MintMT or 'C' programmable. Call 1-800-810-1053 for expert assistance.

Being a leader in linear motor design and manufacturing, Baldor continually Motor Catalogdevelops advanced products and innovations to meet a variety of linear motion applications. Linear motors provide unique speed and positioning performance advantages. Linear motors provide direct-coupled motion and eliminate mechanical transmission devices.Call 1-800-810-1053 for expert assistance.


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